April’s Art Project: Counting

Intention: To work daily on one art project over the course of a month

Philosophy: What’s ordinary is interesting

Purpose: (a) Make art regularly and (b) Develop habits

Plan:  Count 7 things a week and keep a visual record


I first learned of the Danish word “hygge” from a newspaper article. I love the concept of cozy and drew some pictures of cozy things, including some red mittens.


Then I watched the Netflix documentary “Abstract: The Art of Design” featuring Ilse Crawford, an interior designer who incorporates hygge. She defines hygge more broadly, as making the ordinary extraordinary. I like that. I would like to do that.

If you’d like to have a card with these red mittens or see some more cozy-inspired illustrations, click here.

(The NY Times article I refer to is titled “Move Over, Marie Kondo” and can be found here.)


January’s Art Project

My intention for art this month is to expand on the project I undertook in December, What I Wore the Day Before. I’m using those sketches as a springboard for illustrations and designs and tangible stuff.

Over the past few days, I played around with bits of various sketches, but today I actually did some new drawing and painting. Here is the result:

mittens & gloves

The colors weren’t meant to evoke catsup and mustard, but for me they do.